Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Here it is Christmas, 2014...We had a lizard on the window yesterday (temps in the 70s) and TONS of rain - at least 3.5"...translated into snow it would have been0: 24.5" - 42" (from dense [read: warm temps] - dry [read: cold temps]) but thankfully, we do not get much down here in SE North Carolina.

The Honda had an issue on 12/12 (squealing and blue smoke...).  We turned it off and left it until Tuesday...We tried to start it, it wouldn't start, but all the belts I could see moved...I had the *worst* feeling that it was a timing belt... AAA came and towed it to the mechanic...they called Wednesday morning and it was only the alternator! YAY!  So, I braved the rain (flooding in low-spots, saw one minivan flooded out and pushed by a tall truck) and exchanged it for the Saturn (front brakes)...Hope that one is as "YAY" as the Honda - smile.

I have a student who is making me crazy by being a self-centered snot ball.  I am really trying to keep my cool with him a self-professed "golf professional" (and I now know is rank and where he works because of a stupid "signature" he put into a bit of communication with me - not an email, where it might be normal to have one, but in a clunky bit of communication software used by our course communication program).  If this student ends up in one of my seated classes, I may have to quit or something. He is a first-class prick and I am grateful that I will only need to deal with him for another week!

It is amazing how *one* person can make *everything* bad just be being stupid and rude.  I need to remember what Dad always says: "Don't let the turkeys get you down."  Thank you, Dad!

Anyway...turkey is in the oven.  Cookies are made.  Nutbread is made.  An "orphan" friend of ours is coming for dinner and all is well.

I wish we could be with family now...I miss them.

I think I want to sew...I have not had a chance to sew at all this last semester and this coming semester I will be, again, teaching at two institutions with two different decisions on timing of breaks - BCC has break the last full week of March, while CFCC has break the first full week of April, and the Thursday and Friday before Easter...I am not sure what they are thinking, but they are messing me up. Ha, ha.  Lucky me they do start and stop at, basically, the same time - at least for me only teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays...

OK, enough of the whining and Yay-ing - I am going to check on food and then cut my fabric (finally!)


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rush said...

It has turned into a bright and sunny afternoon. I saw Ms. Tulip, the outdoor kittie, waddle across the yard. All is well and right with the world! Oh, you didn't mention ALL of the expenses! It started with Katie breaking a tooth. That resulted in a root canal and crown. Then, she had to replace her bite guard (she is a bit of a night-grinder!). After that, Webster, our oldest boy kittie, needed some dental work to the tune of $600. Now, he only has from the canines forward. He had a terrible odor about him, and it turned out to be his mouth, so pay attention to your cat's teeth, too! Then, the Honda. Then, the Saturn. Oops...gotta pay the car insurance! Geez! I think that about does it for any "extra" money I managed to "set aside"!

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