Friday, December 26, 2014

Oh, yeah...

As Fonda-my-sweet reminded me: there have been a few unexpected expenses towards the end of the year...

1)  I grind me teeth at night (me stressed? Never)...This was discovered a few years ago when I woke with a broken molar.  I got a crown on that molar and a night-guard.  Eventually, I had a root canal under the crown.  Since that time, I have been "nibbling" away at the night guard and the last nibble caused me to ask about a new night-guard...well, a few days later, I broke another molar (opposite side)...this was overnight Tuesday/Wednesday before Thanksgiving...Lucky me, the dentist could fit me in and 3.5 hours/$2500.00 later, I had a new root canal and temporary crown...and an estimate for a new $500.00(+) night-guard.  Three weeks later: permanent crown installed and fitted for said night-guard to be delivered in ~2 more weeks... Let us hope that is the end of *that* drama. (Thank you to Care Credit and 12-months-same-as-cash!)

2)  Webster was starting to have an odor about him...Fonda finally smelled his mouth and figured out that it was coming from there.  To the vet...antibiotics (visit = ~$180) and a date for a dental ($400+)...They extracted three teeth (he had a dental YEARS ago and they extracted most of his teeth then) and cleaned the few that remain.  He is feeling better and seems to be more happy and interacting with us (and Paula, a friend) more - He has decided that Paula is a person he *loves* with head-rubs in her hair.  (Again, thank you to Care Credit and the 18-months-same-as-cash option!).  Please do check your cat's mouths - they may tell you a secret and if you take care of it, they will be happier and healthier and love you back!  >^..^<

3)  Fonda's Honda (1998) stopped working for some unknown reason - blue smoke and high-pitched squeal...time to use the other car (we are very lucky girls).  Finally got back to it and it would crank, but not start...AAA to the rescue and discussion that it might be timing belt (YIKES) - lucky us (again), it was an alternator and was less than half of what was expected as the *minimum* for the timing belt ($500.00).

4)  My Saturn (2000) was making weird brake-sounding noises...It stopped fine, but was a bit crunchy-sounding.  They looked it over and lubed it up - All is well = $35.00.

We are very lucky women.  We are lucky to have each other; we balance each other so well.  We are lucky to have our families that are so awesome.  We are lucky to have friends that like us.  We are lucky to have cats that we love, and love us back (most of the time).  We are lucky to have access to Care Credit (and I am lucky to have Fonda to figure out all the financial-bits!). We are lucky to have found a good mechanic-group.

Overall, I am one lucky fish-girl.  Peace.

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rush said...

Now, it's time to pay the car insurance ($600+, I think) and get back on the stick about renter's insurance ($300+). Up until recently, renter's insurance was only about $130. I don't know what happened. We've never had a claim, but everyone's has gone up. It isn't just us. It's time to get just enough coverage to help us get started if we lose everything. We usually buy things second hand. Also, we will be starting to go through our things and eliminate some things we aren't using or just don't need. I must clean out the craft room! I see a yard sale in our future.

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