Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year: 2015

I AM FREEEEEEEE...for about two days - why, oh why do I do this to myself? sigh.

I just finished the mini-mester - most did OK, and some just stopped.  I want to go on record to say that on-line classes can be good and they can be bad.  I would not succeed in an on-line class - I do not have the motivation to do it all the time.  I barely have the motivation to be the  And people who are on-line can be mean. Not just to the other students, but to the teacher, too (meaning: me).  I had a student who was just a big bully "golf professional."  If I have to deal with this guy in-person, I think I might just snap.  I have no idea why this guy is in school if he is such a big-deal golf professional.  Anyway - I need to keep him out of my brain...let it go, Katie, let it go!

OK, on another note...I did take a few hours to make a new quilt top :)  I used a jelly-roll-type chunk of 2.5"xwof fabric from my *favorite* quilt store (Cotton Fields, in Washington, NC)...the problem was (originally) that I thought I had enough to do what I wanted...because I am a dork...turns out I needed *40* fabrics, not *20.*  Sigh.  So, I collected some from our "meager" stash (ahem) and Fonda helped me to whittle the colors down to only 12, as I had decided to use only black-on-black and white-on-white for the insets (using the original rolls' b-on-b and w-on-w).  I used a simple pattern called Jelly Jive from Pieced Tree Patterns ( that I picked up a while ago and fell in love with then learned what not to do, but that is another story...Really easy directions and it goes together quickly. One thing I decided to do was find the center of each piece and sew that to the next, etc. - Seemed to work well and it is not too lop sided.

Of course, I had a little help from my friend:  

He just can't let me do anything without him (except I can go to the bathroom without *him* - there are others who take on that task)

This is the finished quilt-top (at a 90* angle from original).  Maybe.  I may still add a black border to frame it and give it some defined edges.  I think we have enough of one color of black to work.  We shall see. 

Plans are for us to head to the beach tomorrow - temps in the 70s and a 40% chance of NO rain...Today is a bit wet (predicted 60% No rain) and temps in the 60s.  Not bad for January, huh? 

Classes start on Thursday for me and I will be teaching only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but from 8am to 9pm with limited breaks - I hope this semester will be easier on the brain than last.  I really don't feel like I got much of a break, just enough time to get back into staying up too late (2am) and getting up really late (noon)...oh, well - Monday I need to get back on the alarm-clock roller coaster. 

I guess that is all for the start of the New Year...Peace to all!


rush said...

Thursday???!!! You NEED more time after the "pro"! Your quilt did turn out lovely. I know I didn't tell you that enough. Kisses!

rush said...

Happy full moon at this exact second!

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