Monday, May 4, 2015

and then this happened

all was going so well...I went to the grocery and then came out - I was listening to a book I had read before and really was thinking that I should just quit reading it and happened to mess it up and decided that Fresh Aire would be a better bet...Deal with it when I get home.  I got to the car and unloaded groceries...returned the into the car, backed out and then tried to put it into first gear...Absolutely NOTHING there.  I have never felt that before.  The engine was fine, the brakes worked, the power steering...everything was fine, except I had not go because there is no clutch/transmission...WEIRD! I had to push it back into a parking space.  Thinking in advance (yeah, that's it) I was able to push it into a pull-through so that it should be easy for the tow truck to pick it up...

Luckily I was still in the grocery store parking lot and was able to go in and call Fonda to come and get me - She was making supper while I ran to the store. 

We are going away for the weekend (Friday/Saturday) for a reason I will talk about next week - Nothing scary, just going.  We are going to take one of our cars (not the Saturn at this point)...Of course the Honda needs some repair, but trying to get a rental car is stupid - we would have to get it for more than the time we actually need it to accommodate the rental-place not being open on Sundays...Stupid. 

Anyway...we may be getting a new car soon...sigh...

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rush said...

Poor you. Poor me. No word yet on how much this is going to cost. But, I don't wanna think about buying a car, I whine. Can't one just fall in our lap? That's how we got the last two! No fair! Why us? Why, o why? We briefly looked at a car online...sticker shock!!! It's impossible to see or do much on an iPad, so I will use the grown-up computer and see what I can find, but it won't be fun or exciting like some of the car places seem to want us to believe. No fair.

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