Monday, April 4, 2011

and the newest quilt (6 years in the process)

this is the quilt for donna - started while we still lived in ohio.

the fabric is more bright than it looks in this picture, but...this is the pattern "simply squares" that i got from quilt beginnings in ohio. and a mixture of fabric bought for the project and some fishy fabric.

i had to unquilt a bit - well, more than a bit - about half quilted but not well quilted by me. so i just unquilted the damn thing and then had to requilt it. i am still picking out some threads, but i decided to emphasize the squares and quilted it on the diagnal then went around the edge and then a few inches away from the edge. then used the backing fabric for the binding - matches - the fabric on the front. looks good, wonder if donna 1) still lives in ohio, 2) still wants the quilt 3) wants the $50 she gave us for the quilt 6 years ago...

i guess i need to contact her soon...will send a card and see what she has to say.


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