Saturday, April 16, 2011


i had another phone interview - sounds like a great place to be, minus the fact that it will be much colder in the winter than here - potential bonuses: a job that is close to what i have been envisioning as my "ideal" job; closer to columbus-family; chance of a basement; and lilacs : )

we shall see - i will post an update as i hear - they suggested that i would hear thumbs-up or thumbs down within the next week or so...

so, we had a power outage for about an hour this evening with threat of huge storms - we didn't get much here in leland, but the loss of power - after the rain and during the power out sera went out to investigate her favorite part of the back yard and i got the picture of her "brains" =

we also had some WAY-COOL clouds going on:

and then as the light left (still before the power came back on) some cool moon pics:

enjoy the pics and keep looking for updates re: jobs : )


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rush said...

the second cloud picture looks like a bull! and, i love to see what sera is thinking about.

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