Sunday, April 3, 2011

wating to hear...

so, during spring break this february, i traveled down the winter haven, florida. this was not for Spring Break! - this was for a job interview...i flew in on thursday night and left on friday evening, but it was a ton of fun and i think it went well - i had a chance to look around town a bit and it really seems like a neat little town

and a very nice college (2-year).

i think i would have a ton of fun working there and maybe even setting up some limnology stuff there - they have a degree offering for ecology (limnology) but no limnology class (how crazy is that?) i would love to develop a limnology class for them, but i would have to learn more about alligators, too - i was told that there is at least one alligator per water body (and some cool water-type birds)...

i remembered to send them a thank you card (thank you to fonda for actually sending it to me so that i could send it to them - i am a dork and forgot to get it while i was at home [eye roll to self]). and then last week-monday i called them to see what the progress i am just feeling impatient...i want to know thumb-up/thumb-down so i can continue my has been frustrating because all i have gotten to date (minus this one) has been "thank you, but, no thank you" kind of letters and i am ready for some good news regarding a full-time job.

i know i can work at brunswick in the fall, but i really don't want to.
yes, i have been having a great time working there.
yes, it has been a tremendous learning experience.
yes, i have enjoyed the people i have been working with in terms of my new cohort of teachers and the great support staff...but - i really would like to have benefits, better pay (adjunct teachers aren't paid worth shit), and fonda and all the kitties together in the same place. i really miss living with fonda. just the normal everyday stuff.

i wish there were no sounds of NASCAR going on in the next room (god, save me!).
i wish the washer didn't smell like someones idea of "mountain fresh" (yuck).
i wish there was no dishwasher and the dishes were all clean to MY specifications (ewww).
i wish for no alcohol in the house again, unless it is for beer-batterd food (yum).
i wish for a sober roommate (god, save me!).

i want go home.
i want a full-time teaching job so that fonda and i can afford to live together again.
i want to go to CA to visit with the family and see Tracey graduate
i want fonda to go with me to CA
i want to hear from florida so i can make plans...

i need to keep breathing and relax. peace for now.

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rush said...

my wants, don't wants, wishes and dreams are the same as yours...escept for the alligators, which are fine as long as they are stuffed and plush!

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