Monday, October 17, 2011

busy girl

so...i have been a busy girl...but, at school-stuff, not extracurricular. also, there have been two students from my first teaching experience who have died...right before classes started, one of my former students was shot in the back and leads, as far as i know...very sad. he was a young father and had some good prospects towards basketball at a 4-year college in virginia. then, from the same class, another student was found to have killed himself just outside of his home - he was reported missing and then found a day or so later. he was a sweet kid who had just finished his first year at college. such a waste of life. i have heard people talking in the hall about "being gay is no reason for a 19-yo to take his life" but i am not sure if they were referring to that student or not - but it makes me want to be more out in class and be a role-model...i am just not sure how out i can be without jeopardizing my job/future jobs. it is a sad time when you cannot be yourself in a job for fear of losing that job. but, i also need to remember that i am in a fairly small-town county and i need to take it slowly. i hate not being able to talk about fonda openly - not like we haven't been together for 17+ years or anything like that. grrrr. frustrating that i am still talking about my "sweety" and not my "girlfriend" or my "wife" or just "fonda!" ok - enough bitching! i will do it as i may and be OK with it, eventually.

anyways - i finally took one day to sew and finished the main part of the scrappy quilt with mom's fabrics - it is a big conglomeration and is about 70x80 and it is likely to be an office quilt - we shall see - it needs a border and then, of course to be quilted...i need to find a good mom-fabric for the back. it has some good mom-fabrics and then some additional katie- and fonda-fabrics. i think she would have liked it. it is a sew and add and then add some more and then trim straight and then use the trimmed-off stuff for the base of the next piece...i think it will be a good office quilt (it is damn cold in the current office).

ok, i think it is time to start psyching myself up for teaching to a bunch of sleepy students, not all of whom want to be there, but they show up none-the-less because attendance is part of the grade : ) (evil that i can be). taking about meiosis and mitosis is hard - but easier than atoms, i think...i just asked doc how he does it (teaching, research, advising, personal life, sleep...) he hasn't gotten back to me yet - probably sleeping : )

peace for now.

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