Thursday, October 20, 2011

ow-y day

franklynn decided to let himself out on a walk last night...cold, damp, dark, windy...

found him in the woods, about 5-10 feet in (beyond a small raspberry cane, with thorns, of course). he just stood there, howling and he waited for me to crash through and then to pick him up. he hissed at me, batted at me a bit and growled...i was aware, but not worried - he has bitched like this before.

got him - walking back home, about half way there, he decides that he doesn't like being held and that i am the awful monster that he has to bite to death...

notice all four fang marks (the long ones are from his top fangs ripping out of my hand)

now i am sore, swollen and crabby. blood was just *dripping* off my hand last night - he got some on his neck, from where i grabbed him. fonda brought a quilt and we wrapped him up and took him the rest of the way with me dripping and crying back to the house.

he is fine - obviously a bit freaked out last night, but he was OK enough to come and sit next to me on the couch while i cried...little shit. he was all purrs this morning and i am sore...don't want to feel this without some pain meds on board (naproxin - only)...very glad he is up-to-date on the rabies shot! i guess i need a tetnus shot - last one in 2007 (bummer)...

i will recover (back of hand to forehead and all that, with a dramatic sigh)...the cat is fine and will live to bite another day.

enough complaining - peace


rush said...

when the wind blew, it dislodged the front door screen. the little opportunist went out to explore. the little shit.

Lori R. said...

Believe it or not, it happened to me. Our late cat, Smokey, escaped from the house one evening and we didn't miss her until morning. She had had a breakdown in the interim. All I could think of was that I must get my poor declawed kitty in to safety. She bit the snot out of both my hands, including a fang through one thumbnail. NOT FUN. You have my full sympathy!!!

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