Sunday, October 23, 2011


so...i am recovering - after i posted those pictures i went through the rest of the day...the pain got worse, as did the swelling, and it was starting to feel warm...this lead to a thursday night trip to the ER...tried to go to urgent care, but they had no x-ray (and it was time for them to go home) so, they sent us on to the ER, with the threat that there maybe i.v. antibiotics (add a few $$) there, quickly in and seen by a nurse. manipulated by a p.a. and x-rayed by someone else (both of the last two i wanted to sock, they hurt me as they manipulated my hand, but i guess it was for a good reason)...2 hours later, and no i.v. antibiotics (yay!), the p.a. and the nurse sent us home with a prescription for 2 wide-spectrum antibiotics and some hydrocodone for pain...three days later, the swelling is down, the pain is less and the cat is *still* purring...little shit! he makes up for it by being cute 95% of the time.

i have done no school-related work this weekend because it hurts to write and that is what i need to do...sigh. i guess i can type a bit (obviously) but even that is slower than it was - i have to move my left hand because my reach with my pinky is so restricted. guess the exam corrections will have to wait a bit longer (evil grin)...anyways...i am a lucky girl and glad i adheare to the idea of "better living through chemistry."

peace for now!

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