Friday, May 9, 2014

i'm a winner!!!

so...i was nominated (by me) for the "Excellence in Teaching Award (Adjunct) for 2015."  This is a peer-elected award and there was a full-time and an adjunct award.  Voting was open to all the faculty and staff to vote.  long story short...i won the adjunct award!!!!

 what i didn't know was that it came with a monetary award as well! they gave me a check for $100.00!  yay me!  I am a lucky girl!

this is my school-bestie - zenda ^^ is a good egg : )  she was awarded the excellence in teaching award (adjunct) two years ago and she is the one who got the full-time biology position this i said, i am sad that i didn't get it, but i am glad *she* did : ) 

this is ben - he is with me as being an adjunct ^^ he is a history major and is struggling, too...we will persevere because we have grit!  (per the graduation speaker).  we had fun and i got to see so many of my students graduate and getting ready to head out into the next chapter of their lives...bitter-sweet : )


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rush said...

YAY! I am so proud of my girlfriend! She's THE best!

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