Sunday, May 4, 2014

photos that go with the last post

 the fringe tree - fringing - it is done now, alas, but we did see a juvenile anole on it today : ) - it was shedding and about half the size of an adult.

the new re-blooming lily, it is red with a yellow throat - more sometime soon
 the first bloom of coreopsis this year - this i one i bought to support the students at UNC-Pembrook last year (i think it is a "mouse ear")

this is the second and third coreopsis bloom, different plant - same origin, this is a native of NC. and the flower is about 3 feet tall.

 this is our second strawberry of the season with another one coming on next to it and a third one on the other side of the plant - taken yesterday

 the "Hawaii 5.0" plant it is very compact and much more blue than it looks in the photo - very sweet plant.

our garden on 4/27/14 just after planting the cherry tomato on the left

our garden today 5/4/14 with beans in the center and right, a single nasturtium on the center, left that you really can't see yet and carrots, on the right edge, spinach closest, right holes, and lettuce on the far edge...tomatoes at rear - the cherry on the right and the "regular" on the left.  The diagonal line is the shadow of an overhead line.

two and a half baby bean-plants : )  showing the "seed-leaves" or cotyledons (the part we eat when we eat the bean) : ) they will fall off soon because the true-leaves take over with photosynthesis...(the ones shown at the top of the photo, that look like bean-leaves)...

webster stood on my leg for quite a while to get these foot print impressions!

the sunset across the highway on friday, 5/2/14...pretty with the church steeple in the front.

franklynn taking a nap yesterday- if it fits, it ships : )  just kidding...we think it was a bit hot for him, but i am not 100% sure about that...

peace for now, enjoy the pictures : )

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