Thursday, January 21, 2010


i figured it out! nothing really new to say today, except that i had to "read" some html (?) and found the bit that made things centered and i was able to fix them - so there! - hard on the chapter, as you can see...actually i was, earlier.

chapter due tomorrow, meeting with teaching @9am and then supposed to go to QWACs...then back to is coming together in my head, just not on paper yet. it will happen, that is all i know. woke up the other day with a huge light over my head and had to grab the pen and paper i put next to the bed months ago for just such an emergency...glad i the time i got to the computer it would have been gone, but i had the paper and think i made some big leaps in the process and making sense of the data i was working on. anyways...time for bed so i can get up tomorrow and do it all again : )


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