Monday, January 4, 2010


Humm...October 1, 2007 was the "birth" of this blog...i guess it is beginning the 3rd year...wonder what will come next. supposed to be writing, had the TV on so can't write 2 days, i came up with another quilt top...picture will follow.

i think my girlfriend is frustrated about the fact that i can come up with a quilt in 2 days, but she is struggling with some cool art...what she may not remember is that i have had this planned in my book for a while and then all it needed was for me to figure out how much fabric i needed and find it in the closet...this was all done with closet fabric (yay!!). i am proud. this is another pattern i have been thinking about for a while and just not taken the time to put it together...her art is coming right out of her head...mine has had time to stew and settle in the book and then i get to find the colors i want and make it happen (also only 1 media). she has all this stuff around (way cool stuff, i might add) and she has to figure out how to get it out of her brain and onto the paper that she is wonder it takes her days to get it out...

i love her art-work, it is fun and neat and the things she combines make me smile and think "i would never have done that. Cool!"

anyways, about this blogaversery...guess we shall see how it evolves and changes and now i gotta take a picture of the quilt top and then get it downloaded...posted.

peace for now.

Here it is called "spicy dish":

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Joyce Spear said...

Happy blog-a-versery! I'm luvin' the quilt big time! Still looking for the fishies, though...

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