Saturday, January 16, 2010

altering a bag know all those bags that are coming out that are woven recycled plastic bags/ know that sometimes they are really ugly, but you feel like you *should* use them to shop, etc...well i just got one recently and it was advertising some apartment community off campus...decided that i would paint it.

i wasn't sure how to start out, but just found some pretty paint, what i have termed "really fancy paints" just because i was board when i labeled the box, and started to paint...

so, i ended up not really liking it, but it is done and i can't really change it much, but i specifically wanted to keep the columns, so i ended up dripping some paint on it and there were times that it was a bit think and wet, but i had a good time, trying not to get it all over myself and my girlfriend, etc.

so...because i didn't really like the front, i changed tactics...i decided that plants and then it went to fish (naturally) and a stupid looking seahorse...but i did it up-side-down, so i can't bitch too much.

this turned out better, but i think it is OK and then i needed to do something on the i decided that a peace sign would suffice, or at least a form of peace sign...

i have more of these bags, but not black...maybe i will paint them too, but we shall

see what happens when i don't quilt?


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