Monday, December 19, 2011


i have not had the opportunity to sew much this last semester - teaching three classes is a challenge - but i think i did OK and had many students really say they enjoyed the class - and BIO 112 for spring semester is FULL! (apparently this has not happened for a long time)...yikes! (big smile).

so, next semester should be "easier" with only two classes and having taught them both this i hope to have a chance to sew some more...

over the last semester, i had the chance to finish up something that i started a few years ago without the final product in mind...taking mom-scraps and putting them together willy-nilly...with thanks to Lori Richardson at Cotton Fields in Washington, NC (man, i miss her and the store/friends since we moved), i followed her lead and started to square up my pieces and put them together. i do not have progress pictures for this, but i have a bad picture of the finished top:

this is an applique Mom started and i finished and then added to the quilt:

this is the opposite corner that was just fun for color and some more Mom test-blocks:

this quilt will be backed with a dark blue star-patterned piece and i have no idea what pattern will be used to quilt it. i do know that i would like to get this done soon - it will be a office quilt - our office is way cold - in any season. it is about a twin size.

now...for a place to do the basting...still searching : ) may try to use some places at school - gotta ask the security guards when i might be able to access some of the larger spaces.

i will post it again after it is quilted...better pictures and all that : )

peace for now

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