Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i was thinking about all the stupid scraps we have (a muck-bucket full)...so i started cutting them up - only got through three bags and got a wide variety of lights and darks


these are all 2" squares.

i then had to figure out what the heck to do with all these craps...and i saw in some magazine a quilt i really liked...a bunch of 25-patchs and 9-patches with some solids between. so, being the cheap poor PT professor - i chose to make it in my "glue book"

i decided that the above layout was going to be too small, so...the plan is to do it 10x8 squares of 25-patches (80 total 25-patches and 63 9-patches)

and trying to do the math:

so, then i started to make the 25-patches...

my helper supervisor: wren

finally - some things to iron - with the drink of champions (diet pepsi)

and the first few 25-patch blocks

this is just the first taste - more later as the progress continues : )


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