Thursday, December 29, 2011

sewing for school 1 about 3am a few days ago...i had an know how understanding how an atom is structured...protons and neutrons in the nucleus and electrons around the outside? well, i have had students just NOT GET IT. that may not be too surprising to some of my readers, but others are saying "what is a atom, if not the big bomb-thing?" well...i thought of a way to present the information in a hands-on way... after i woke fonda up looking for a pen...i went out and wrote what you see in black...she looked at me funny in the morning and asked if it made sense to *me* and i said "yup!" and proceeded to explain my logic...and it all started with her sending me a link
""> so, really it is all her fault. this is how i am going to make the electrons! with a bell inside and silver because *they are electrons!*

she just looked at me like i was crazy...but there will be more to come soon...i got the chickens atoms made and we just went out and bought the material for some electrons and the snaps and the bells...i am SO excited...more later!

peace! (yay! - sewing for school!!!!!)

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