Wednesday, December 21, 2011


so...i did the math, finally...

and i decided that a quilt that was larger than an king-size quilt, would probably be a bit big...i decided to change it a bit to a 7x6 (it might still be increased) and now would be the size of a twin-size quilt.

we shall see what happens when i get more and start laying it out...i have not decided what to use as the *between* color yet. i want it to be all one color and white would just be too white. i think black would be nice, but i also am thinking that Splash "Pool" would be nice, too (my favorite color of blue) - we bought a bolt of it last year (a 13 yard bolt), and i only have a few yards left...lori bought another bolt and put it out to sell because we really can't afford it at this point - maybe when i (finally) get a full-time job (oh, and we want a bolt of Kona Black)...just $150-$200 for, not yet : )

i have a phone interview after the first of the year - we shall see : )


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