Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i can truly understand the whole "ABD" (all but dissertation) thing about now...three chapters to doc and now what is left is the wrap-up (conclusion) and an over-all introduction. gotta chat with doc about how to approach the conclusion chapter...just a bit frustrated about how to start...i know kinda what i want to say...but it is going to be a conclusionary chapter, not a formal chapter and it is really kinda stumping me for a bit...maybe tonight/tomorrow will bring a brain-wave...one can only hope...sigh...

and i went to get my teeth cleaned today...all looks well, except that "crack" on one of my molars...got my first crown last fall...and a "bite-splint" to keep me from gritting my teeth at night...hope that helps to not make the crack worse...what fun? anyone have a place where i can teach when i am done...job search after conclusion chapter...more fun! i am hanging-in, just tired.


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