Saturday, March 13, 2010 back to grading

so...doc has all my chapters (yikes). he is reading mine, another graduate student, who defends on monday and then a grant proposal due on monday too. oh, and his daughter is getting married in a week. like he has no stress, either...but now i feel a bit less stressed...slept for ~12 it is time to catch up on all the grading for my lab that i have been putting off...and look, here i am doing it

grading can be fun, just requires a bit of that i have nothing due for the weekend, i am going to knock these out and then tomorrow, maybe take some time to sew!! i can't wait! bought some fabric yesterday for a project that has been on my brain for quite some time...requires 20 fat-quarters of different fabric and about the same of a green...i will post picts when i actually finish...but i also hope to have edits from doc on monday afternoon and then make those changes and then send it to the committee and then defend in the next two weeks or so...we shall see. OK enough scatter-brain...gotta grade these things so i can have fun.


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