Friday, March 19, 2010


here i sit...drafts to doc...2 back and edited...3 still with him...his daughter gets married tomorrow...i have one quilt that i think still needs something...and one i wasn't even trying to make that is pretty much done, a small quilt for a baby or someone...i have nothing to edit...i am thinking about working on the powerpoint for my defence, but i am not sure it will happen if doc doesn't get things back to me soon...i still need to get it to the committee, defend and make changes and then submit to the grad school by ~april 11 (the requested a few days early, if possible for PhD students so they can cross all their "t"s and dot all their "i"s)...time is running out and i am a freaking out (quietly) and here i sit twiddling my damn thumbs...and slowly pulling all the brown hairs i have out to be replaced with gray...(maybe not, but feels like it might help)...and using way too many "..." things in this post...oh, well. get over it. i need a massage and a trip to the beach...maybe after the 16th? oh, and taxes haven't even been started...and f is still sick and has no voice...the list goes on, but i will end it here...breathe!


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