Monday, March 15, 2010


hay! i finally got all my grading i should get the draft back from doc this afternoon and all the pieces that i have been grading back to the students and the back to editing.

got to quilt a bit yesterday...found all my fabrics and then cut them up and put them back together in a different way...still in 20 pieces, but better than the 160 they were when i was finished cutting them up. pictures to follow, but now it is all about making them "random"...moving them around until they look like they weren't placed that way, you know "random." that is part of the 'fun' of quilting...why must i like more scrappy quilts and not just all the same block/fabric quilts? the curse of pretty fabric.

today is the first day for tevas! but it is still a bit chilly, but i have to take the students out in the field today and it will be wet, so better wet feet in tevas than wet feet in something else that won't dry as nicely...sigh...i just hope they stay warm, like they have in the past, as long as they stay on my body, my feet should be moderately warm, or at least not clammy...i hate wet socks.'

anyways...more to come in a while.


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