Friday, March 26, 2010


damn everything back from doc, now just working out the details before submitting the whole thing to the the moment, it stands at 143 pages, double spaced, etc. includes cover sheets, etc. i think it will gain at least one more as i still need to write an overall abstract...sigh...have an email out to doc to see about adding appendices to it before it is sent to the committee...that will require a bit more in terms of details...sigh...we shall see...more to come...

and i haven't gotten a chance to get photos of the quilts i have been working on while i two was the planned and the other was a last-minute addition. i like the addition better than the planned one..oh, well. got some excellent backing fabric for the small one and 30% off - yay! ok...bed time, my fingers are not nails are too long, too...sigh.


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