Friday, October 5, 2007

amazing thing, time

one day...and i feel better, a bit. i just was having a time with the death of a cartoon character what a geek. but i guess we need what we need and real or fiction, we use what is at hand.

this photo was taken 2006, memorial day weekend on shackleford island in NC. mom and i went out and she was taking photos of a crab on the beach...her photos didn't turn camera and the film didn't load right.
if i had known that that would be the only time mom came to NC to visit us, i think we would have done more. she passed up a weekend birding trip to Cape May, NJ to come and see us. i think she knew what was happening, even if she didn't really know that this would be the only chance to see us and the house and hang out with us in NC. we did see some ponies and had a good lunch, we got LOTS of shells and had fun watching the water and birds and stuff. i will load more photos later. back to studying...sigh.

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rush8888 said...

i am so happy that YOUR camera was working! f

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