Thursday, October 4, 2007

still sad...i can only imagine that it will not feel better for a while. it is still a little over a month to the first anniversary, and i can not believe she is gone. you know, i have lost a lot of friends. family and pets over the years and i thought i knew what mourning was, but i guess it is different with your parents.

i can't believe that i am putting this out into the world on a blog! oh, well. i guess that what they are for huh, to share your world.

well, the dissertation proposal is going slow with all the other stuff in my head, but i know i need to finish soon--my boss is giving me the "hairy eyeball" so that i know i am under orders to finish, or at least hand in an updated draft very soon. maybe by the end of the weekend? we shall see.

fonda has been devoting some time to the sewing room organization and about that i am happy...that means that i may be able to start sewing for stress relief soon, but of course, that also means that i have to get my stuff (school work) off the sewing will happen...i just need to do one thing at a time.

that's it for now...time to focus on the proposal...sigh.

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rush8888 said...

whatever it, studying, etc. i always can produce a hug and a hanky. thank you for allowing me to do so. f

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