Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the cute fish...

here is the cute was like pulling teeth to get it to show up, but i figured it out...what a pain...oh well it is here. it gets put through the ringer and goes in and out of the estuary in my presentation...but it looks happy, huh?

all is good today...i think my sister got a dog...sigh...they are trying to have a baby too. happy to have my life some days. tomorrow is a reading day for me...i have a chapter and 1/2 to get through then there is a new professor and new material...AND i have to continue reading for my comps which will be in step at a time...i keep telling myself that and i try not to look too far into the future and get TOO over whelmed, but it is easy to feel like that.

Ok, it is after 11:30 and time for bed. good night all.

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