Tuesday, October 9, 2007

another day

today was not too bad. i presented to the Sierra Club last night and seemed to be well received. today was spent in a incomprehensible seminar, but really, i understood bits (!)...what fun. then to a lecture who was also somewhat incomprehensible...i am glad that i can record the presentations! reviewing what they said is an important part. this guy is smart and has some good stories, but, WOW he is giving us a TON of information.

tomorrow i have my reading class with my advisor and our lab and during this time i get to present a shortened version of my data, with some bits left out for brevity (hope to be less than 1/2 hour, tomorrow, but ~45-50 minutes on the 30th). i did volunteer for this, this is not a requirement! i did some fun animation in the power point that i just made...what fun! and i made a really cute fish for the presentation...just two ovals and some lines...it is not smiling, but it is cute--smile.

ok...beddy-bye time. just wanted to brag about the presentation.

good night and sweet dreams...

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StamperJoyce said...

So how did today's presentation go? Inquiring minds want to know! Also, feel free to post a pic of the fish! :)

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