Sunday, October 7, 2007


we have mice. we have no hot chocolate. these are connected. i noticed a mouse poop and opened the cupboard over the stove and there, on top of my coffee filter-thing was a mouse...not scared, nothing...just sniffing and finally figured out that i was there and dove out the gap between the cupboard and the vent hood for the stove... warm water, soap and bleach later and a lot of dishes too...we still have mice, but there is not so much poop. WE HAVE 5 CATS!! we shouldn't have least one of the cats has caught a mouse so far...maybe 2 weeks ago...fonda through it was dead, not a boomerang.

as the weather gets cooler, i expect that there will be more. last year, when my mom was sick, we didn't know how long we would be gone, so we took the cats with us. when we came back ~3 weeks later, we noticed that we had mice...after that, we found 3 dead ones, the cats did a good job, but we saw minor evidence over the winter...i expect that we will be seeing more this year...i will keep a (b)log of it.

peace for now...back to the grindstone that is school and associated bits.

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