Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a lesson in frustration

i had to fight with the internet today and then i didn't remember my username and password...what a pain!! This has been an odd day...good until i read the comic "funky winkerbean." there is a character in there that has cancer (breast) and it has spread and she has stopped chemo and all that fun stuff. she is home with her husband and child and she is dying. i miss my mommy. i had planned to go out with fonda today and go see chad and gail and dr. r play at the tipsy teapot in town, but i had a case of mom-sickness and couldn't go out and play...sigh...i do not think i will ever really be over it...it just becomes less...i still cry. i really miss my mom.

time for bed...sigh...just have to get up again tomorrow and do it all over again. but i guess that is what life is about, huh? the kitties and fonda still love me, even if i cry.


CJM-R said...

So sorry about your missing your mom... Good luck with your blog.

StamperJoyce said...

Lots of comforting (((((hugs))))) to you at all the right times. Love you lots! J.

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